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American Muslim Perspective: Why Do Buddhists Get To Be Screwed While Muslims Get To Be Killed?

By Ali Eteraz
Posted on Sun Feb 25, 2007 at 01:13:28 AM EST
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Duncan Hunter, a Republican Congressman, and a presidential candidate for 2008, recently appointed a man named Dr. Henry Jordan ("DHJ") as his South Carolina campaign co-chair. In 1997, through Roger Ailes we learn, that DHJ made the following statement:

"Screw the Buddhists and kill the Muslims," Dr. Henry Jordan said during the board's finance and legislative committee meeting. "And put that in the minutes," he added.

The remarks made Tuesday were expunged from the written minutes, but were recorded on tape. The (Columbia) State obtained the tape under the Freedom of Information Act.

Jordan, a surgeon who failed in a bid to get the Republican nomination for lieutenant governor in 1994, said Thursday he thought the meeting was over and members were engaged in private conversation.

Bloggers all across -- I want to say "the board" but will have to settle for "liberal blogosphere" -- have condemned DHJ quite resoundly. Pastor Dan at Streeprophets finds that making hateful comments in private is as reprehensible as making them publicly. A Buddhist Blogger uncovered some Christian supremacist comments by DHJ, in which he states that the US was founded "to worship and glorify Jesus Christ." Both the Carpetbagger and the Liberal OC compare this guy's hiring by a presidential candidate with the Edwards campaign who hired a blogger that had used the word "Christofascist" and taken a lot of abuse at the hands of the conservatives. Emboldened reveals that DHJ has called a majority of Americans "stupid." Then from a commentator at kos we learn that DHJ is actually considered too liberal by many of his peers in South Carolina.

What we thus have is the picture of a man who is not only uncouth, but boorish, misanthropic, dastardly, distasteful, disgraceful, and a connoisseur of bigotry and hate.

The first thing we American Muslims have to say is that this one redneck quack doctor who professes to spout Christianity and represent Jesus, speaks only for himself and we should not assume that other Christians, or other redneck people, or other quack doctors, are so bigoted. I'm serious about not lumping all rednecks together; because technically, I am one (I rep the Dirty South).

The second thing we American Muslims have to say is that if we are not careful about the records of our politicians we will find many others who are either closet or out and out Islamophobes. This is unacceptable. Fortunately, as I have shown by the little survey above, we have a lot of friends, regular American friends, who hate Islamophobia as well, and are helping provide the monitoring. 

The third thing we American Muslims need to do is to contact Duncan Hunter and tell him how reprehensible it is that he is enabling people such as DHJ. I recommend we do this by contacting CAIR and not taking action ourselves. You can contact CAIR here. Non-Muslims can also contact CAIR to give them a good sense of how many non-Muslim American oppose this idiot.

The fourth thing we can do is to engage with right bloggers who support Duncan Hunter and ask them if they approve of the kind of statements DHJ has made. You can start here and here.

Ultimately, though, I leave you with something heartening I wrote when I was treated like crap by a bunch of Islamophobes at the Ann Coulter Chat Forum:

Hope, whether she is a scarlet cheecked harlot, as claimed Byron, or whether she lies in the heart of Pandora’s Box, as claimed Nietzsche, is the only remedy to the circles of sorrow in which mankind walks. I am in search of it, as much as you. Perhaps we will find it one day, blooming in asphalt in a broken alley somewhere and we’ll pluck off a few petals and put them in our pockets forever to perfume our hearts.

Update [2007-2-25 10:10:26 by Ali Eteraz]: Condemnation by California Citizen 

< This Woman Is My Sufi Shaykh | California Citizen Condemns Duncan Hunter & Dr. Henry Jordan >


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Tags: america, islamophobia (all tags)
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question(none / 0) (#1)
by saa on Sun Feb 25, 2007 at 08:38:11 AM EST

Hi Ali - nice breakdown of the issues & nice thought at the end. Couple of things:

1) typo: "resoundINGLY"

 2) I am a bit confused about how liberal american muslims perceive CAIR. I've heard CAIR take some flack in all circles for being a puppet of conservatives. Is this really how American muslims perceive CAIR?  Because, when it comes to actually voicing an organised muslim opinion in the media or writing to congressmen, or any such thing that benefits from being expressed via an organised platform, CAIR's our instrument.  If I am just plain wrong in my understanding of how liberal/progressive muslims perceive CAIR, i'd love to have it clarified.

many thanks.

answer(none / 0) (#2)
by Ali Eteraz on Sun Feb 25, 2007 at 09:59:03 AM EST

hey saa:

i'm getting quite tired of your self-righteousness. telling me that i need to watch my language, as you did previously, ok, I can tolerate that, and even acknowledged it.

telling me how the hell to spell "resoundingly" crosses the line. thanks for capitalizing the letters, by the way. i'm so stupid that i need them capitalized. who do you think you are? seriously, grow up.  

as to your other question, i am neither a "liberal" muslim nor a "progressive" Muslim so i dont know how the hell to answer your question. your question betrays either an attempt to shoe-horn me into some pre-conceived notion in your head. ignore my development as a person. or it shows that you haven't been reading this blog, such as when I concluded, say no to label whores

don't become a self-righteous asshole. no one will talk to you.

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ok(none / 0) (#3)
by saa on Sun Feb 25, 2007 at 10:43:05 AM EST

hi Ali - I'm sorry, cyber communication totally fails to communicate tone. I wasn't trying to be rude, nor was I trying to be self-righteous.

I was actually asking an honest question about CAIR & sorry to have appeared snickety about the spelling... it wasn't intended that way. I actually appreciated your taking my other suggestion (about language) into account, I wouldn't have expected less of you, but neglected replying to it because again, people can't really judge behaviour very well and sayign "thank you" then might also have appeared snickety.  I was also not labelling you as liberal or progressive or any other. 

I guess the blogosphere has kinks, and so do I.



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gack(none / 0) (#4)
by saa on Sun Feb 25, 2007 at 10:45:36 AM EST

the sentence was supposed to read "people can't judge behaviour very well OVER CYBER-SPACE..."

Sadly, there's no substitute for personal interaction.

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Thanks for the link...(none / 0) (#5)
by Blue Eyed Buddhist on Sun Feb 25, 2007 at 12:18:48 PM EST

Thanks for the link in your story.  It's pretty outrageous that Hunter would get someone like Jordan involved in his campaign; it'd be one thing if the guy was simply bigoted, but when the bigotry comes out as "kill" someone, and then he doesn't really apologize for it... that's a seriously deluded, hateful person.

I happen to think America has enough room for everyone- Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Muslims, agnostics, atheists- and even if we disagree vehemently on matters of spirituality or religion, we can and should buy into the notion that it's an individual's right to choose for themselves.

Sometimes I think that putting pressure on people like Hunter doesn't get us anywhere and all we should do is strive to win over the middle ground folks, the ones who're reasonable enough to see that their own freedom of religion depends upon them being committed to EVERYONE's freedom of religion.

Then again, those filled with hate (of any religious/political background) don't hesitate to directly confront, so we shouldn't either.

Keep up the good work and please know that guys like Hunter and Jordan don't speak for all Americans- thankfully, they don't even speak for a majority of Americans.

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