Bollywood Movies That You Must Watch 

Bollywood movies are really big on showing about culture, emotions, and history. If you are an Indian and are into movies that are dramatic and amazing at the same time, you would be and will stay in love with Bollywood. Every movie is made in a different context, and every movie has a different moral at the end. When someone wants to get inspired about something or want to know how other people feel, watching movies is the best for that. These films are also a very good treat to yourself when you claim your winnings on playing 올인구조대 online.


There are so many inspiring and entertaining movies at the same time, even if they all have different kinds of contexts. Some of those movies are:


Rang de Basanti:


This movie has every right to be on the top of the list, this movie is filled with patriotism, and the script is so well lined that you can watch this movie multiple times without getting bored of it at all. This movie teaches us always to stay united and keep our country’s love in our hearts no matter what.


English vinglish:


The star of this movie is Sridevi. The storyline portrayed her as a middle-class woman filled with love for her husband and kids. But she was often bullied by her own kids because of lack of her English speaking skills; the tantrums never ceased to lessen her love for her kids. At the end of the movie, she learns to face the challenges and learns the language.


Bhaag milkha bhaag:


This movie is a biopic of an athlete, Milkha Singh. He is a national champion runner, and this movie has given the insight into his life about all the challenges he faced as a kid and a youngster; and how he got to get the title of “The Flying Sikh.”


Taare Zameen Par:


This movie showed how kids who are not good at studying but have other talents face trouble with their teachers and peers. Every kid is unique in his own way, and they can achieve all the good things when the motivation is positive.




Amitabh Bachchan played the role of an advocate in this movie. He took a case of three girls who got in trouble because they stood up for themselves in front of an egoistic son of a politician. This movie is a must-watch for every youngster because everyone can’t experience things that this movie teaches, but that moral that a girl’s consent is essential is needed to be known to everyone.


3 Idiots:


This is another movie of Amir khan, and this is a story about how every person goes for a career that their parents choose for them because of “what will the society say?” question. This movie also teaches about friendship, that how the three of them always had each other’s back no matter what the situation was.


At last, These are some of the movies that one should consider watching, though the list doesn’t end. If you are a movie lover, you would love these movies.





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