Love Melodrama? Watch Bollywood Movies!!

Bollywood is a really big industry. More than 1000 movies are produced annually, and it is double of how many movies Hollywood makes. Bollywood is a mixture of genres when it comes to movies. Due to India’s diversity, the movies are in a lot of languages, and they can also be converted by dubbing into other languages.


India is all about culture, big sets, huge mansions, emotional drama, comedy, romance, songs, and dancing. In one movie, you will get to see all these things and many more things. No matter if the movie is mainly comedy, there will be some scenes which will make you emotional also.


The main 3 reasons for you to watch Bollywood movies are here:


# Romance:


Bollywood movies have more romance if compared to Hollywood movies. Bollywood likes to exaggerate the emotions of love, heartbreak, and love at first sight. These are perfect movies to watch when you take your date via 호스트바 for the first time.


These emotions are so well portrayed that even if you have never experienced either of the emotions mentioned above, you would still need a box of tissues to stop yourself from crying. Veer-Zara and Devdas are two movies that every Indian has watched. Because we all are aware, Shahrukh khan, as already known as king khan, is a king of romantic movies.


# Dancing and Singing:


An actual Bollywood movie is and will always be incomplete without songs and dancing. Movies get popularity in India after a song of that movie is released. That song is the most awaited moment in Bollywood movies.


Songs add up to the storyline of the movies. When there is something happy going on in a movie, the song adds up to it. Even if the dialogs are not emotional, but if an emotional song is playing in the background, face it, you would find yourself in tears.


Hollywood movies don’t have songs like Bollywood movies in their films; their stories are pretty straightforward and to the point, but still, they cease to amaze us with that too.


# Beautiful clothes:


The culture in India includes those heavy clothing and heavy jewelry. Sanjay Leela Bhansali makes a lot of movies with big-budget clothing. If you look at Deepika Padukone’s look in” Padmavat,” you would faint away because of her beauty and how she portrays the role of a queen with elegance and savageness.


The fashion is so different in Bollywood than Hollywood. Hollywood has those basic clothing like summer dresses or something one wears on an everyday basis. But Indians indeed know how to make an outfit with a fusion of different types of apparel and make it effortless and quirky at the same time.


On ending note, I hope you felt a bit close to how Bollywood movies are portrayed and how cultural and unique Bollywood movies when it comes to the concepts. Bollywood is loved and cherished everywhere. There are a lot of countries where people are so interested in watching Bollywood movies and know about their culture. With movies’ help, you can feel a connection to the place even if you haven’t been there even once.



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