Terminator 3

This is probably the best terminator movie yet in terms of the storyline and together with all the great feedbacks that its predecessors received to establish a name of its own, Terminator Part 3 or T3 and completely known as the Rise of the Machines elevated the Terminator movies to greater heights. It was in this movie wherein all of the efforts of John Connor are realized and the questions pieced up together, at least for some. It is also great to see an action film without all the traditional martial arts sequence. Maybe the public will get too bored watching films filled with those since the Matrix already helped in popularizing the kung fu aspects of action films.

In terms of the action, maybe its fans will be a little bit disappointed because it had less compared to its prequels. To further add to the downside of the movie, many fans were also expecting important blur points to be explained in T3 but to their surprise many of their queries were still left unanswered, most especially in explaining how the time portal operates. Moreover, the T-X, the antagonist robot of the movie, was really not that powerful compared to the foe in T2. Yes, it had some major upgrades of its own but generally the writers could have created a much better opponent in the T3, something more agile, bigger and indubitably stronger. Unfortunately, T-X is not good enough.

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