Top 5 Romantic Movies Of Recent Times

The human heart thrives on romance. No matter how old we get, the feeling of love and companionship is something that we always long for. Time and again, our movies have also attempted to recreate the romance on screen, and most of them have also successfully managed to capture the essence of romance so much so that these movies have occupied a special place in our hearts. So if you are also among those who still believe in the old school romance in this generation of fuel, then we have handpicked the top 5 romantic movies of recent times that you can binge on this weekend on Showbox. These are perfect to watch after some fun and thrilling sports betting games via totalwrc.

  • La la land (2016) – Apart from the Oscar fiasco, there are other reasons to remember this film as well. For those romantics who also have an affair with music, this movie is a perfect weekend watch as the musical backdrop of the film blends subtly with the captivating story of Mia and Sebastian. The movie narrates the story of two people, an aspiring actress and a struggling pianist, who fall in love with each other while giving directions to their respective careers.
  • Pride and prejudice (2005) – We bet that all the romantics must have read this book by Jane Austen. Well, this movie gives a face to Lizzy and Mr Darcy! The movie’s plot revolves around Elizabeth Bennet and the emotional changes that she goes through as she defends her sister, protects her family’s honour and discovers love.
  • The notebook (2004) – Well, we can’t help as some novels are so beautifully adapted to make such wonderful movies. The movie restores our faith in old school romance and love as we see the young couple Noah and Allie fall in love, separating and again falling in love only to be with each other for the rest of their life in a way that even death could not part them.
  • Walk the line (2005) – The legendary biopic of the man himself, Johnny cash should be on your bucket list for the simple reason that it offers the blend of Johnny cash’s country music and takes you through the romantic side of the legend. But, unfortunately, the movie narrates Johnny Cash’s story, who falls in love with June Carter and their journey to find happiness, not a roses beds.
  • The fault in our stars (2014) – Yet another beautiful adaptation of a novel, this movie discovers the journey of two cancer patients who fall in love with each other and offer each other comfort and support that cannot be traded for anything in the world. The movie is a tragic romantic story that is bound to give you shivers down the spine.

It is essential to keep in mind that numerous websites market free movies online; however, they will guide you to a sibling website with lots of ads. Sometimes, the website connects to cloud storage, which contains movies not authorized by the copyright holder for free circulation. So, grab your pyjamas and a cuppa coffee and snuggle up with your partner to rediscover love on Showbox.

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