Rambo 2008

Since when did the last Rambo movie rock the movie theaters? Well, to start with, one may prejudge the 2008 Rambo film, the fourth installment of the John Rambo movies, as getting too old and rather outdated as Stallone nowadays. Many were skeptical about the outcome of the film as to whether he can still portray John Rambo’s role effectively now that there seemed to be a wide gap between Rambo IV from its prequel Rambo III. I really can’t fathom why the producers or director really wanted to revive Rambo today. Was it because of their shear desperation to give a renaissance of its glory two decades back? But out of all of these questions, what a surprise it is to see that Stallone still gave a very believable performance to the viewers. It was as if he was bursting out with all his youth. This is perfect for when you are trying to win sports betting matches via UFABET.

As an action thriller, the film was stunning, the gore and blood were not that gruesome to behold nor was it pure violence, at least according to the judgment of most viewers who are eligible to watch the film. The movie had a heart in itself and a drama, which may have been unseen in the previous Rambo movies. The action was captivating. The emotions depicted in the movie seem to be very real and showcased the realities of what is happening today in certain war torn countries around the world. Perhaps the action, added by his role as a guide to both the missionaries and the hired mercenaries in Thailand, elevated the quality of the movie. He was as skilled as always and was just a simple “man” in the movie who just tried to live a normal life of his own. He was not an unbeatable hero figure like the ones you see with popcorn-type of films.

Overall, the 2008 Rambo is a masterpiece. It is definitely something that Stallone must be proud of because there may be no other Hollywood actor living today that can do a very successful comeback movie sequel as what he did.

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