Some Alternative Live TV Streaming Apps To Hotstar

These days, entertainment has become very important as everyone has a tough day at work or anywhere and wants to entertain themselves to relieve themselves of all the tension. And entertainment comes in many forms. As technology arrived, it changed the entire definition of entertainment. Developments in technology happened to bring with them many changed versions of entertainment. If you are looking for entertainment that could make you a decent amount of money, you might want to consider playing some fun sports betting games via UFABET. Today, we live in the internet era, and the forms that we can define entertainment are televisions, computer gaming, and such things.

Internet and smartphones have reduced the need for TVs and computers to provide what we see on the TV. Instead, we can watch movies, serials, sports, comedy, or anything that one could want on our smartphones. These are done with the help of apps and so on. One such app is the Hotstar, and today, and we’ll see the Hotstar alternatives.


After a tough and long search, we’ve found a few apps that might serve as alternatives to Hotstar. But all of them are not expected to be on par with what Hotstar can do. So here’s the list of Hotstar alternatives:

Yupp TV:

Yupp TV is also a similar application to Hotstar as it also has over 200 channels up its sleeve. It also supports online live streaming like sports, movies and the likes. One disadvantage of this from Hotstar is that all channels are not fully free, and they can be fully accessed only by premium users. This app’s APK can be sideloaded from the internet. However, it has one advantage over Hotstar, in that it helps one even record what you like with the help of this app.

Ditto TV:

Everyone must be aware of the Zee Group of entertainment, which has a huge series of channels. And when they own one, you can understand why this application has the most online streaming channels, including TV serials and movies. Moreover, they provide TV guides to enable one to know which channel is broadcasting which shows. So, it becomes a very user-friendly application. Moreover, they do live to a stream of all-important TV channels. And also work very well even if your connection is slow and poor, making them the best alternative to Hotstar, except for sport-lovers.

Jio TV:

The latest alternative to Hotstar is the one which was the talk of a country for days. It’s the Reliance Jio’s Jio TV. But this is not so efficient a competitor to Hotstar as it has a variety of limitations. It is available only for those who use the Jio SIM and the 4G SIM-only, which is a major drawback, although the Jio SIM itself was free of cost. But if you are a person with a 4G supporting device, you can treat your eyes to the pleasure that comes with 300+ channels. But live streaming of channels is not one of its strongholds.


This is not a very big application, and it can give you channels that are broadcasted by Sony entertainment Pvt Ltd although there are a few movies available. Unfortunately, a sport is a feeble thing here with just one Sports channel, the SonySix.


Our final contender for today is the Voot application which is an app of colours TV, and so you might know what to expect from them. A large collection of cartoons for kids, movies and a live telecast of the Big Boss season are its standout features. Sports don’t have a place here.

So, we have seen some of the Hotstar alternatives, but all of them have their share of pros and cons, and so based on your interests and requirements, you can choose any of them.

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