Fan Movie Teaser Review

Bollywood film industry has been kind of an obsession to some people. It’s very common to see some sort of big fan and duplicates in Mumbai, which may have similar resemblance to their favorite film star. Shahrukh Khan’s next upcoming movie is about one of such fan. Good thing is the lead of “Fan” is played by Shahrukh himself. Yash Raj Films is a film production house of the Bollywood , which tries to give some good variety of films to the industry. “Fan” looks like an addition to one of such films.It’s a story about a guy named Gaurav Chanana who is obsesses with Shahrukh Khan since his childhood because of which sometimes he is not treated well by his surroundings including his parents.

The trailer which depicts the story of the fan makes the teaser look nice and cool.

This drama thriller is set to be released on 15th April 2016. The trailer of the film looks interesting. It has crossed 5 million views on YouTube in a short span of two weeks.For some reason it’s being called as Teaser. However, It pretty much looks like a trailer of the film.Apart from Shahrukh Khan rest of the cast would be pretty much new. The trailer shows Shahrukh Khan as Aryan Khanna who is a big and highly successful star. His biggest fan feels some that he has some sort of a virtual connection to him via which he can actually talk to Aryan Khanna.For the most part film’s trailer looks really fascinating, which makes the film worth watching for.

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