Movies this Week (15th Jan 2016) in India

1. Chalk n Duster

“Chalk n Duster” is a small budget comeback movie of Juhi Chawla and Shabana Azmi. This movie is also low on publicity and entertaining experience. The topic of “Chalk n Duster” is educational business and controversies based on the same. This topic has become dull and boring. We have seen various different movies on the same topic. Film doesn’t seems to be exploring much on the content or giving any direction to the existing topic. The movie also seems to be more women centric with an average plot. Level of curiosity created by the film is pretty low.

2. The Hateful Eight

The Hateful Eight seems to be one of the most watchable movies of this week. It seems to be more male oriented movie.Like it happens to the most of the films of this kind it doesn’t explore much on the content and/ or topic.However, Unlike other movies of the same theme “The Hateful Eight” is much longer in length i.e. almost quarter less than 3 hours. It’s a story about eight strangers trying to find out whether each person is the same as he claims to be. It has characters mostly wearing cowboy themed clothes and making conversation in one room for the most part.”The Hateful Eight” was released on Christmas 2015 in US while it is releasing on 15th Jan 2016 in India.

3. The 33

The 33 is just like many other real incident based movie. It throws light on 2010 mining disaster that happened in San Jose mine in Chile. The reason why this movie is called The 33 is because there were exactly 33 number of miners who got stuck while working there.”the 33″ couldn’t be much different from many other movies made on the similar topic. However, It manages to show some good visuals via a wonderful camera work.Yet,the movie is neither entirely satisfying nor a great cinematic experience.

4. The Danish Girl

“The Danish Girl” is a fictitious drama based on a different topic of being transgender and the feeling associated with that. This nice and cool work of cinema look really different from other movies.Part of it could be really sensitive and courageous to some audience. Last year oscar winning actor Eddie Redmayne does a great job in challenging role like this. It’s a consistent trend that an average British film is much better in terms of quality and entertainment than the US movies. This seems to be true for “The Danish Girl” as well.

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